Although perfectly concerting, the new opus of the trio - but which trio? le MEM(e) trio, pardi! - is not less disconcerting (…) An inclination for an insidiously menacing simplicity, something like the famous Magritte’s pipe, of which the painter curiously ensures that it is not one; to me, this music largely appears to reflect the fascinating and protean personality of its author Yves Massy which, under apparences of perfect urbanity, is a dadaïst (more than a surréaliste (…) This explains why the picture is so often crossed by eccentric tightrope walkers: Schubert wearing the Zappa’s moustache, and humming improbable "Ländler"; some Jews wandering into the indigo skies of Chagall; the kind mischievousness of Paul Hindemith; and a whole pleiad (bunch) of characters (…) Philippe Koller
- Orchestre : le mêm(e) trio

 - Musiciens : Philippe Ehinger, clarinettes, Pierre-François Massy, contrebasse, Yves Massy, trombone